Hi! Nice to meet you. I’m Fery Wardiyanto. I am web developer based on Pekalongan, Indonesia. I always curious and try to learn new things and something may have bright prospect in the future in technology department.

In last 3 years I found my real passion: Web Development. I have advantages to build application using PHP and Javascript and designing user interface with a diverse set of devices in mind, using tools and automation to speed up development times. I also know some about Ruby and Python but not too much.

I love open source and some times I give a contribution to projects or tools that I used to work with. Started with ask a silly question or give some feedback. Let see what can I do to fix it? Ah! I can fix it, give them PR.

I also like swiming, watching movie and anime, listening music, reading manga in my free times.

Currently I’m available as Freelance or remote worker, You can find out more about my projects and contributions in Github or view my CV at StackOverflow Careers. Simply shoot me an email if you interested in finding out even more.